Ballet, Tap and Jazz Classes Greater Lexington Area


Registration Fee: $25 per class (non-refundable)

Tuition: Tuition is figured on a yearly basis, without regard to the number of lessons per month. No reductions for missed classes. Tuition includes 2 cancellations due to inclement weather. Any classes missed (beyond the 2 cancellations) will be made up at a later date.


Multiple Class


Monthly Payment

(8 Monthly Payments)

30 min
45 min

Advance Pay Discount: Applicable only for students enrolled in one 60 minute or 90 minute class.

HoursTuition Semesterly Discount Payment Yearly Discount Payment
1 $416 $198 $387
1.5 $624 $297 $580

Hip-Hop and Musical Theatre Workshops: Separate Tuition Schedule for six-week sessions in Fall and Spring. Fees are per student, per class; No multiple class discount. (Spring Session includes extra combined rehearsal and Recital Week).

ClassLengthReg. FeeFallSpring
Hip Hop 1 hr $25 $65 $85
Mus. Theatre I, II, III1 hr $25 $80 $100
Mus. Theatre IV1.5 hr $25 $115 $135

Private Piano & Voice Lessons: Separate Tuition Schedule for Private Piano and Voice Lessons.

Class Length Reg. Fee Yearly Tuition

Monthly Payments (8 Monthly Payments)

Private Piano 30 min $25 $936 $117
Private Voice 30 min $25 $936 $117
Private Voice 60 min $25 $1,872 $234

Adult Classes: Separate Tuition Schedule for 6 week sessions of Adult Classes.

Class Length Reg. Fee

Tuition Total for 6 week session

Adult Ballet 60 min $25 $60
Adult Theatre Dance & Tap 90 min $25 $90

Core Strength & Conditioning Classes: Separate Tuition Schedule for Core Strength & Conditioning Class. Please note this class is only for the Fall Semester. THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE IF YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR ANOTHER CLASS AT T&V.

Class Length Reg. Fee Tuition

Monthly Payment (4 Payments)

Core Strength & Conditioning 90 min $25 $140 $35

Payment Policies
EIGHT Monthly Payments (September-April): Due the first lesson of the month. Payments are considered late if received after the 15th of the month.
Advance Pay (Semesterly): Due September 15/January 15
Advance Pay (Year): Due September 15
Monthly Automatic Credit Card Payments may be set up via the Parent Portal; Credit Card Payments may be made via the Parent Portal; We accept Mastercard and Visa. Check and Cash Payments may be made at the Front Desk. Late Fee: $10 after the 15th of the Month. Returned Check Fee: $25
Hip-Hop/Mus. Theatre: Semester Payment due on first lesson.
Late Fee: $10 after the 15th of the Month.
Returned Check Fee: $25



Registration is only available via our website, A $25 Registration Fee is required for each class in which the student enrolls. This fee is non-refundable. Registration fees are payable by credit card only and will be processed within 48-72 hours of registration.

Class Placement

Students will be placed in class levels, according to age and ability.  Class Leveling is solely at the discretion of Town & Village Management/Faculty.  Current students receive class levels at the end of each school year.  New students must contact Town & Village to inquire about appropriate class level, prior to registering.  For older beginner dancers or students transferring from another studio, an in-person assessment may be necessary to determine level.  A minimum enrollment of six students is required to form a class.  If enrollment in any class drops below six, the class may be cancelled at Management’s discretion, with alternative class options.

Class Attendance and Withdrawal

Regular class attendance is IMPERATIVE, not only for the benefit of the student, but also for class progression as a whole. If it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw from class, T&V Management must be notified immediately.  Students will continue to be charged tuition fees until written notification is received.  Any student whose attendance becomes irregular and/or whose tuition fees become delinquent may be dropped from class. 

Students must be picked up promptly after class. Additional fees ($10 per half hour) will be assessed if staff is delayed beyond 10 minutes.


Students are required to be properly dressed for dance. Students who do not follow the dress code will not be permitted to participate in class.

Dance Wear:
Jack Be Nimble: Comfortable loose fitting clothing. Gym shoes.
Dance and Acro:
Girls – Black Leotard & Black Tights (Pre/K-Dance–pink tights)
Boys – Black Dance Pants & Black Muscle Shirt
Girls - Black Leotard & Pink Tights
Boys – Black Pants and Black Muscle Shirt
Hip-Hop/Musical Theatre: Loose-fitting clothes (no jeans)
Hair: MUST be secured off the neck and away from the face. Buns required for Classical Ballet
Pre-Dance/K Dance: Pink Ballet Shoes/Black Patent Tie-Taps
Childrens' Dance: Black/Tan Ballet or Slip-On Jazz Shoes/Black Tie-Taps or Black Mary Jane Tap Shoes
Dance I-V: Black/Tan Slip-On Jazz Shoes/Black/Tan Mary Jane or Black Tap Oxfords
Ballet: (Girls) Pink/(Boys) Black - elastics MUST be sewn!
Acro: Bare feet or gym shoes

**Students must wear shoes for Dance Class– NO bear paws or bare feet unless specified for a specific routine!**